Kortjakje is a large-scale theatre production by the Max theatre group in which players and animations respond to each other in real time.
I designed the interactive animations and produced drawings.

The video shows drawings in preparation with music by Joop van Brakel. Click here to visit the ‘Drawing for Kortjakje’ website.

interactive animationsphoto: Robert van Nimwegen

“An impressive spectacle with interactive computer animations and projected digital graphics that transform the scenery from a children’s bedroom to a moonscape to the ice queen’s palace.”

PAROOL 2010-10-12


The name ‘Kortjakje’ refers to the leading character in an old Dutch folksong, the exact meaning of which has been long lost in the mists of time. Monnik Merkx has used his own interpretation to create a contemporary version of Kortjakje. Kortjakje is a giant three-dimensional picture book containing humorous drawings, mysterious nursery rhymes, and sleepy lullabies. The story line weaves in and out and has an air of hallucination to it. Visit the web site of Max Theatre Group to read more about Kortjakje and other theatre performances.

exhibitions drawingsphoto: Robert van Nimwegen

EXHIBITIONS AND WORKSHOPS The Kortjakje drawing experience was echoed outside the theatre in the form of workshops, exhibitions and a radio play.

interactive animationsphoto: Robert van Nimwegen

“A fairy tale full of magic”
NRC 2010-09-29

interactive animationsphoto: Robert van Nimwegen

“ …These show great design imagination. The father of Kortjakje is a cartoon artist and appears to have a guiding hand in the magincal world that brings projected digital graphics to life.”

VOLKSKRANT 2010-09-29

drawing for kortjakjephoto: Robert van Nimwegen