visual thinking

Design Thinking

Are you developing a product or service that requires design work or drawing skills? Why not let me think and work along with you?
I am a freelance designer, and I specialise in drawings. I am an expert at developing and finalising creative solutions in a wide range of professional fields.
Visualisation techniques are central to my work, with applications that range from interaction design and visualisations to facilitating workshops and design tuition.

In addition to working on commission I like to draw townscapes. This uncommissioned work is for sale in my web shop.

I am a BNO member

mark van huystee

open sketches


By drawing actively and thinking analytical with you, I can make your complex information more concrete and accessible. Clients (among others): Essent, SNS bank, Achmea, TU Delft, Erasmus University, LUMC, HHS, Opdrachtgeversforum in de bouw and municipality The Hague.

workshop amsterdamphoto: Shirley Brandeis

open science drawingsPHOTOS: ROY BORGHOUTS

Live visualizations about openness in science for workshops, brainstorm sessions and conferences.


Contemporary Townscapes 

Over 25 townscape drawings featuring well-known locations in Delft, Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem and Nijmegen are for sale in my webshop

The creation of a new panorama at the Wynhaven in Delft.

online learning



How do you make your story clear and captivate your audience? Most public speakers tend to be so familiar with their subject matter that they fail to look at it from the audience’s point of view. Using sketches and analysis, we bring out the essence of your narrative. I then visualise your presentation or report using the images we have developed.

mark jowi illustrations


Illustrations for Boekie Boekie in collaboration with writer Jowi Schmitz.

interactive theater drawingfoto: Robert van Nimwegen


An interactive theatre show featuring animations for the Maas Theatre Group.

“Kortjakje is a world of technical splendour. An explosion of theatrical novelties, this performance is an ode to imagination.”


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