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The National Hearing Foundation endeavours to prevent hearing damage among teenagers and professionals.
In collaboration with the Leiden University Centre the Foundation developed the concept for an on-line hearing test.
I was commissioned by the Hearing Foundation to work on eight different interactive hearing tests for a range of target audiences.

Illustration: pictogram from Ear Check.

picto oorcheck


Design of characters and animations for hearing test Bibi Dumon Tak.


Design for Boomerang postcard to support the Ear Check campaign.

picto oorcheck



Design for Boomerang postcard to support the Ear Check campaign.

picto watchIllustration: Watch character.

IVN promotes a sustainable society on the principle that closer involvement with nature stimulates sustainable actions.
Watch is an IVN project about water for children aged 8 to 16.
In collaboration with ‘explanation design’ I worked on illustrations for school books, magazines, mouse pads, flags and the action book.



WonderWeb lets school children discover the variety of animal and plant species in the direct vicinity of their school, the way they interact, and the importance of diversity.
The Wonderweb package includes a wonder case and contents as well as a computer game for which I created the illustrations and animations.

The Wonderweb educational material includes a WonderCase and a WonderGame.

The WonderCase contains:
-    WonderPlate (70 x 100 cm);
-    WonderGuides (30 types);
-    WonderCoins;
-    fieldwork materials;
-    teacher’s manual.

Illustrations library

The Watch illustrations need to be suitable for a variety of media. As a designer, what is the smart way to go about this?
Together with Klaas van der Veen (explanationdesign.nl) I developed a style of illustration that can hold its own.
The vector-based illustrations can be scaled, adapted and combined, and they can be placed on different kinds of background.
These illustrations formed the basis of a library that grows with every new project.
Image: characters as pictograms for teaching packages.


info graphics

IVN Illustrations for infographics and manuals.



infographics water



Pictogram from a series of five for the Housing Foundation of The Hague.