Ceramic plates, developed in cooperation with Olav Slingerland and galery Terra Delft. 
Sales: galery Terra Delft

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Drawing and producing the Delft plate.

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In collaboration with the Terra art gallery I developed a series of ceramic theme cups. No two cups are identical, each one is unique. The cups are for sale at the Terra art gallery in Delft, and are priced at 17.50 euros each. This is a limited production, available only while stocks last.

The themes are all inspired by Delft, a town that not only represents a rich and varied past, but also stands for technology and innovation: Delft Creating History! The cups refer to historic persons and events, creative techniques and other symbols. The range of cups extends to some 20 different types.

ceramics delft

Delft Creating History

The Black Death frequently held Delft in its grip from the 14th to the 17th centuries. Coffee from a Delft Black Death cup is of course best sipped black.

Famous man of letters and law, Hugo Grotius hid inside a book chest to escape from his prison in 1621. Books are increasingly being stored in digital form, so lacking the modern equivalent of a book chest, Hugo these days hides inside this cup.

A cup that provides food for thought, be it structured, chaotic, or 'out of the cup'.